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            Company has applied itself to the exploitation of green products and other functional products, and has made great progress and passed the following authentication:
           (1)Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (I grade), certificate NO:
                     Test-No SHKO 045054;
           (2)REACH certificate
           (3)ROHS: 2002/95/EC
           (4)EN 471 (fluorescence products)
           (5)EN 14116 ( I/II grade) (flame-resisitant products)
           (6)EN 1149-1 : 1995 (static electricity-resistant products)  

           (7)AATCC 147 :2004 (anti-bacteria products)


           (8)ISO 10993-10(Skin Sensitisation Test、Test for skin irritant)


           (9)ISO 10993-5(Class 2 for cytotoxicity resistance(non-toxic)


           (10)Other various authentication for many items